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regIONAL GUTTER CLEARANCE AND REPAIR in sheffield & south yorkshire

60% of flood damage to commercial and residential buildings are due to blocked or damaged gutters. These blockages are cause by a build up of moss, fallen leaves & branches. Birds nesting are also a huge problem.


Gutters are designed to direct rainfall away from the outer skin of the building as well as the foundations. If your gutters don’t get a regular clean at least once a year this build up causes an overflow or they become very heavy from the excess weight causing the gutters to sag and come away from your building. 
This also causes water to run down the walls, causing your walls to become damp. In some cases this may result in replacing panels, re-pointing brick work and the water can leave a huge discolouration to the outer brick work. This eventually seeps through to the inner walls causing damp spots to the plaster of the inside of offices.


If left unchecked, your gutters will quickly become blocked with leaves, moss, dirt and anything that birds drop in them. These blockages can cause the guttering to leak onto patios and decking, which over time leads to them turning green, slimy and ultimately slippery and dangerous.


Pro-clean Sheffield will come to your premises and undertake an inspection, unblock all gutters & flush all down pipes. Then we will test all gutters using flush balls to see if all gutters are running free. 
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  • * Portable Ladders (Using Safety Devices).
  • * Tower Scaffolding (PASMA Approved).
  • * Powered Access (Cherry Pickers & Scissor Lifts).