How to choose a Contract Cleaner

Choosing a professional cleaning company for your business premises can become a bit of a nightmare. Cheap does not necessarily mean value for money or that the work will be of the highest standard possible, in line with Health & Safety regulations.

When looking for quotations or offering a contract out to tender, there are a few key points to look out for:-


  • Insurance - Companies should have adequate insurance and be willing to make this available to you if requested. If Not, Why Not?


  • Health and Safety Policy - The company should be Health and Safety compliant. They should provide you with a site risk assessment and method statement, carried out by a qualified person.


  • Training - Find out if the staff are adequately trained, not only in cleaning windows but in all aspects of access to windows. Do they have the relevant qualifications for working at height and or operating access platforms (IPAF)?


  • Professionalism - A reputable company will ensure that all staff carry identification and wear a uniform.


  • Company History - Is the company ran by the original founders? If not there is a risk that the reputation of the company was built up by the original founders and may have been compromised since.


  • Work Ethics - Ask for a clear written work ethic from each of the tendering companies. You will then have a good idea of the standards the company adhere to.


  • Cost - If you receive a quotation that is a lot lower than others, find out why. There is a good chance that there will be lots of hidden costs which will almost certainly result in you paying more in the long run.


  • References - Ask for references and keep in mind that on going contracts are a good sign that the company is reliable, efficient and trustworthy.


  • Reputation -  is everything. Speak to some of the companies existing clients, then you will know what to expect.


Once you have found the right company for you, you are likely to stay with them..