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Pro-Clean cleaning services Sheffield completes another Costa coffee builders clean in Goole, the store will be opening beginning of December 2015

Pro-clean cleaning services Sheffield completes yet another Costa coffee builders clean 


18th of November 2015.


We have just finished providing one of our largest clients with another professional builders clean in Yorkshire, they had specified they were opening a new branch in Goole and required our professional cleaning services to give the building a thorough clean and sparkle ready for the hand over to the store manager the next day.

Hand over was the 19th of November and everything needed to be perfect, we sent a specialist cleaning team from our office in Sheffield to clean all the windows inside and out, professionally clean the carpets that the builders had dropped a little bit of paint on (oops!) make sure all the fixtures and fitting were wiped down and polished.

We used our expertise to strip and polish the floors using our rotary floor machines, unpack and clean down all the chairs and tables, makes sure all the protective plastic was removed from the window frames & signage, and finally stage all the furniture and give the floors a polish.

These are the kind of jobs we love doing, its always challenging work but the we get to travel all round the country and occasionally we may get a free cup of coffee if the machines have arrived!

Pro-clean cleaning services Sheffield is predominantly a Yorkshire based company but for our clients its important for them to have the job done properly and thats the reason they always call in Pro-clean.

If you have a project we can help you get ready for handover, just give us a call in our office on 0114 3211786 or email us at to see how we can help your project look its best.